Anaheim Ducks Acquire Eric Brewer

USATSI_8230919_154158418_lowresThe Anaheim Ducks have acquired defenceman Eric Brewer from the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for a third round pick from the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. They also put Clayton Stoner and Francois Beauchemin on the injured reserve list.

The trade was announced halfway through the first period of Anaheim’s Friday game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Acquiring Brewer does seem, on the surface, a little rich for the Ducks. He’s got a hefty salary cap hit at $3.875 million, for one. He’s a veteran of 982 regular season games and has four assists in 17 games thus far this season.

Brewer is one of those classic stay-at-home defenders, which is why he’s a replacement for Beauchemin more than anything. The Ducks defenceman is due out four to six weeks thanks to a broken finger, while Stoner is out with the mumps because that’s going around on the hockey club. He’s the third player to get the mumps this month.

As for Brewer, he’s not one of those monster defenders anymore but he’ll still put in some serious minutes and that’s what the Ducks need him to do. He averages 17:50 a game.

The 35-year-old joined Tampa during the 2010-2011 season and managed to become a pillar on their blueline for a while. He put in top minutes and anchored the Lightning’s defensive core before his play diminished and he was demoted in favour of younger players.

The Lightning eventually found themselves without a use for Brewer and he was a healthy scratch for four of the last five games. For Tampa, moving him now is good news. It helps them protect their young players and maintain roster spots without giving up too much. And it clears out some salary, which is always a good idea in today’s NHL.


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