Flames Sign Bob Hartley to Contract Extension

USATSI_8211285_154158418_lowresThe Calgary Flames have signed head coach Bob Hartley to what’s being described as a multi-year contract. The team announced the extension on Wednesday.

“I’m coaching hockey because it’s my passion, it’s what I like the most,” said Hartley. “I wanted to be here, I’m a coach, but I wear the ‘Flaming C’ with lots of pride. There was not a second, not a minute that I didn’t want to continue what we started. It was not the term and it was not about money, it was about getting the opportunity to keep growing in this organization, to keep working with the players we have.”

Hartley was hired to coach the Flames in May of 2012 and has since amassed a 71-79-13 record. Despite not having made the playoffs in five seasons, general manager Brad Treliving is confident in his head coach.

“If I go back to me getting here, I guess it was at the end of April, I know we talked about at that time, and I’ve been asked many times since, about Bob and his current contract situation; I was consistent in saying, ‘I needed time to assess,’” Treliving said. “And part of that, I think, not to put words in Bob’s mouth, but he needed time to sort of assess.”

Those assessments must’ve panned out, with the Flames throwing Hartley his extension as the team finds itself in a six game losing streak. The good news is that the team finds itself two points out of second place in the Pacific Division. Expectations, as you might imagine, are building and the Flames, once in the midst of a rebuild, are starting to see themselves as serious contenders.

“We knew that we had to go through a rebuild, and that was a situation that I took to heart,” Hartley said. “I knew that it was the right thing to do. Yes, there was lots of work to be done, but it’s a challenge, but nothing comes easy. Winning at this level is far from being easy, but it’s certainly lots of fun.”

The contract extension signifies Calgary’s intentions when it comes to standing by their man. This comes just two days after the Edmonton Oilers announced the firing of Dallas Eakins, so take that as you will.


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