Martin Brodeur Takes New Post in Blues Front Office

USATSI_8351814_154158418_lowresAs reported, legendary goaltender Martin Brodeur has retired. He made the announcement official on Thursday and will be joining the St. Louis Blues’ front office as a senior adviser to general manager Doug Armstrong.

“This is a great day for me,” Brodeur said. “This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. This is a great opportunity that the St. Louis Blues organization, (owner) Tom Stillman and Doug Armstrong are giving me and trusting me in doing…This is going to be a great challenge for me.”

Had Brodeur decided to stay with the Blues as a player, he would be a third-stringer behind Brian Elliot and Jake Allen. That was not in the cards. He was a final scratch in his final eight games and that gave him the perspective he needed to make the final call.

Brodeur’s final game took place on January 2 of 2015 as he lost to the Anaheim Ducks by a final score of 4-3. In typical Brodeur fashion, his last actual victory was a 3-0 shutout. That came on December 29 of 2014 against the Colorado Avalanche.

For the Blues, they wanted to hold on to Brodeur. And why not? He is a resource like few others, with a capacity to win that few others players in National Hockey League history possess.

“He’s going to travel with our team on a daily basis; he’s going to interact with our players and our coaches,” Armstrong said. “Our goals are very simple here in St. Louis for this team, and it’s to prepare and ultimately win a Stanley Cup…We’re very excited to have Marty join our organization in a different capacity.”

As for the New Jersey Devils, where Brodeur made his career and spent almost all of his time, the doors are always open.

Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello has put a similar offer on the table for the goaltender and has kept an open line of communication with Brodeur. Further plans for retirement ceremonies seem to be in the works for New Jersey and there’s no question where Brodeur hangs his hat, but the present is the present.

“It would have been awkward to retire in New Jersey and take the job in St. Louis,” he said. “That’s kind of the way we went by it. For me, my hockey career’s all about the Devils. Nobody’s going to associate me with the Blues as a hockey player. Retirement arrangements will be made for New Jersey in the future…I’m so appreciative of all the fans, the organization, and what they did for me.”

Brodeur has a commitment for the Blues through the 2014-2015 season. What happens after that is still up in the air. As he noted in the press conference, he didn’t “give any guarantee.”

“I signed up to be here until the end of this season and help them out as much as I can. They might not want me either, we’ll see,” he said.


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