Wisniewski Traded to Anaheim Ducks

USATSI_8334473_154158418_lowresDefenceman James Wisniewski is now a member of the Anaheim Ducks. The Columbus Blue Jackets traded him for Rene Bourque, prospect William Karlsson and a second round pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

This is a pretty sweet deal for both parties. The Ducks get a defensive with offensive upside in Wisniewski. In 56 games this season, he has 29 points and is a -10. He has seven goals on the power play, however, and that’s where the gold really lies for the Ducks.

Wisniewski benefits from playing up-tempo hockey and he should be able to get plenty of that in Anaheim. He’ll point the power play and has a heck of a shot, which is something the Ducks will certainly want to make use of. Wisniewski’s also a solid skater and will adapt well to different situations, plus he’s not afraid to get in the tough areas.

If there’s a knock on the guy, it probably has to do with positioning. He can lapse defensively from time to time and that could spell trouble for Anaheim.

But for the most part, Wisniewski should be a good fit with the Ducks.

Karlsson is an interesting part of this deal, as he might’ve been a lot to give up for the Ducks. He put up three points in 18 games, but he’s got more upside than his digits might reveal.

Karlsson is a slick passer and has a good sense of the game, plus he’s a good skater and can definitely prove slippery. That makes him the right man for the job in Columbus and he should benefit from more conditioning and more opportunities. The issue with him is size – or the lack thereof.

And Bourque is one of those inconsistencies that can score in bunches. He’s not exactly who the Blue Jackets are looking at in this deal and it’s likely his stay will be brief.

All in all, this is a good one. Both teams managed to pull something out of the deal and both teams could see long-term benefits if things pan out well.

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