Arizona Coyotes File Restraining Order Against Glendale

USATSI_8513904_154158418_lowresThis sounds strange, so I’ll just come out and say it: the Arizona Coyotes have filed a restraining order against the city of Glendale.

A Maricopa County Supreme Court judge granted the Coyotes’ request for a temporary injunction that would keep the city from nixing the arena deal, something they voted to do a couple days ago. The Coyotes’ attorneys filed legal claims as promised and argued for the restraining order, which they were granted. Next up, they’ll have another hearing on the matter on June 29.

Glendale City Council will meet on Tuesday in an executive session and will decide whether or not to send the team a letter that states the obvious fact that they’re severing the lease agreement. Ah, politics. I think the team’s aware of the city’s motions on the matter by now, but by all means send a letter…

As reported earlier this week, Glendale City Council had a 5-2 vote to decide to terminate the 15-year lease agreement with the Coyotes on the grounds of some bizarre conflict of interest reading. Glendale says that two former high ranking officials have worked for the hockey team, one of whom was former Glendale city attorney Craig Tindall. But even the State Bar of Arizona found “no merit” to that complaint.

The city has a number of loopholes and “reasons” for terminating the current contract and they’ll fight tooth and nail against anything the Coyotes throw at them. And vice versa.

The team’s lawsuit against Glendale will claim the obvious, that the actions of City Council have harmed the Coyotes’ ability to make revenue. That kind of flies in the face of Glendale’s complaint that the Coyotes aren’t making them any money, so that’s where things could get tricky for the city in court.

The fact of the matter is that this isn’t going to end well for anyone. Glendale looks stupid and the Arizona Coyotes are struggling to stay in a city that doesn’t want them. The fans lose out, too.

The fit for the Coyotes in Glendale has always been tricky, to be kind. They initially worked it out in Phoenix, sharing with the American West Arena with the NBA’s Suns. With that arena proving too small, they decided to try Scottsdale. No dice. Eventually, they headed to Glendale and a new state-of-the-art arena that saw the long-time fans from Phoenix struggling to attend.

And now Glendale has been blaming their woes on the big arena and the big hockey team ever since, which has made convenient excuses for politicians and easy scapegoats for anyone else who wants to complain about fiscal matters.

The answer seems clear: get the F out of Dodge. There does appear to be a doorway to Phoenix open again, what with some of that city’s council opening the doors to sharing a new arena with the Suns once again. That could spell relief for the Coyotes, which could let Glendale off the hook and out of a situation that’s destined to make them look like fools. Not like that’s hard.


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