Oilers Acquire Goalie Talbot for a Pile of Picks

USATSI_8476898_154158418_lowresThe Edmonton Oilers continue to do all they can to give Connor McDavid a decent team to play for. On Saturday, they acquired goalie Cam Talbot and a seventh round draft pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft in exchange for picks 57, 79 and 184 in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

The Oilers knew there was many goaltenders available ahead of the draft and general manager Peter Chiarelli mentioned having “our sights on some guys” ahead of the opening round of the draft on Friday.

The Oilers clearly narrowed their sights on Talbot and played the waiting game, which is really just smart management. Imagine that.

Initially, the Rangers were asking for a first round pick (see the Robin Lehner deal). That didn’t happen, so they lowered their asking price to two second round picks and a player. No dice. Finally, the asking price dropped to an acceptable level for Edmonton and the trigger was pulled. The possible locations for Talbot were decreasing, too, which kind of left New York without many options.

Talbot is, like the previously traded Eddie Lack, 27-years-old. He has good stats, with a 33-15-5 record and a .931 save percentage to go with a 2.00 goals against average. When he had to fill in for Henrik Lundqvist, he went 8-3-1 with a .946 save percentage and a 1.66 goals against average.

Now, one could argue that part of Talbot’s success in New York has been the system New York plays. But one could always argue that and get away with it, even in the case of King Henrik. And one wouldn’t want to do that.

The point is that Talbot has good numbers and seems a safe bet for the Oilers. He’s steadily improved over the course of five seasons in the bigs and in the AHL and he’s proven himself as a solid backup. He’s likely ready for the main event in Edmonton.

If not, it’s not like the Oilers gave up too much to get him. Chiarelli did his due diligence and landed the affordable goalie with the good stats. That’s hard to criticize.


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