Police Confirm That Patrick Kane is Under Investigation

USATSI_8672353_154158418_lowresThe Internet has already dutifully exploded in Patrick Kane think-pieces, as it is inclined to do whenever something provocative takes place. For those who’ve been sleeping under a rock somewhere, here’s the story so far.

The National Hockey League is “following the developments” of an ongoing police investigation involving the Chicago Blackhawks star. The Blackhawks are also “gathering information.”

The investigation was first reported on Thursday by The Buffalo News and since then it’s kind of taken on a life of its own, as “news” is prone to do on the Internet. The outlet has cited sources as saying that Kane is under investigation for sexual assault and/or rape, although police have not confirmed this to be the case.

The Chicago Tribune newspaper reported that police officers were seen on Kane’s lakefront property in Hamburg, New York. The winger spends his summers in Hamburg. The police chief said that there is an investigation pertaining to something that may have happened at the home last weekend. Police gathered information and are awaiting the results of forensic tests.

“We are aware of the matter and are in the process of gathering information. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time,” said the Blackhawks organization in a statement.

Police chief Gregory Wickett spoke to media on Friday and did not say if police had spoken to Kane. He did not discuss the nature of the charges, but that hasn’t stopped rampant social media speculation. And it certainly hasn’t stopped the anticipated hand-wringing, like how Kane must “change his ways” and or how the hockey player “isn’t your friend” and is therefore not worthy of the “guise” of that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing.

People have also tracked Kane’s August 1st evening on Twitter and social media outlets, with articles citing the sea of tweets and hearsay as though they’re laying some sort of case against him without even knowing what the charges are.

So there you have it. As you can probably tell, there’s not much to say about the Kane case at this point beyond the facts. There’s an investigation. There are no charges as of press time and Kane has not been arrested.

The facts alone may not make for a sensationalistic blog post and they may not pave the way for desperate hectoring, but facts are still important and the presumption of innocence is still the vital foundation of the modern American criminal justice system. This is no “guise.” Things like facts are not contingent on whether or not you think a player or person is a jerk, nor are they dependent on whether or not you’re trying to join an Internet outrage mob or win brownie points with a certain social group.

Unless and until there is more information and more of consequence involving Patrick Kane and this investigation, there’s really nothing else to say.


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