Dale Weise Suspended Three Games

USATSI_9576687_154158418_lowresPhiladelphia Flyers forward Dale Weise has been suspended three games by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety for his hit on Anaheim Ducks defenceman Korbinian Holzer.

The incident in question took place on Thursday night at 7:35 of the second period.

Weise will forfeit $39,166.68 in salary to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

The suspension is based on how Weise delivered the hit, not that he delivered the hit in the first place, with the head being the “main point of contact.”

“If Weise wants to deliver this check, he must do so in a way where he doesn’t make the head the main point of contact,” said the Department of Player Safety.

The league rightly notes that Holzer was eligible for the hit, so interference wasn’t a consideration.

“And while Holzer does attempt to slow down as Weise approaches him he does not materially change the position of his body or head, immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit, in a way that significantly contributed to the head contact,” said the Department of Player Safety.

The three-game term of the suspension is based on the point of contact and likely on the fact that Weise saw a three-game suspension in the preseason in 2013 for another illegal check to the head.

Holzer returned to action without injury, which likely also factored into the length of the suspension. Had he been hurt on the play, Weise would’ve faced more time on the sidelines.

Suspensions have been the order of the day for the Flyers thus far, with Radko Gudas stuck with two games to go on his six-game suspension for interference on Austin Czarnik in a preseason game and Brayden Schenn coming off a suspension carried over from the post-season.

Philadelphia is off to a 1-2-1 start.

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