Ducks’ GM Murray Thinks Trade Price Tags Are “Ridiculous”

Anaheim Ducks general manager Bob Murray isn’t exactly eager to make a trade if he doesn’t have to and thinks the price tags for players on the market are “ridiculous.”

“First of all, there is no rule in this league, unless I am wrong, that says you have to go out and do something at the deadline,” Murray said via the Orange County Register on Saturday.

“There’s no rule,” he went on to say. “I’m not a rental fan. I’ve never been a rental fan. The last couple of things we’ve done, I’ve ended up signing the guys because we’ve liked them. But are there things out there? Apparently. I know what’s out there. I know the price tags teams are asking for right now. And I’m not interested.”

The Ducks, who’ll play the Vegas Golden Knights on Monday, are currently third in the Pacific Division with a 29-20-11 record. That gives them 69 points, which puts them exactly one point ahead of the Calgary Flames and three points behind the San Jose Sharks. For those scoring at home, that’s not a very big cushion for nudging into the post-season.

With nothing set in stone, upsetting the proverbial apple cart is not smart. And seeing exorbitant prices on the available merchandise isn’t helping, either.

“These price tags, it’s ridiculous,” Murray said. “And the price tags just seem to keep going up every year. Whatever. Maybe it will get there, maybe it won’t. Time will tell. There’s still enough days left.”

The names have been in the news for some time and the rumours have been flying, as is annually the case. This year, Evander Kane, Max Pacioretty, Rick Nash, Mike Hoffman, and Jack Johnson are all apparently somehow in the works.

But obtaining a player of such calibre, especially if one’s opposed to the rental market, is another matter altogether.

Consider also that the Ducks don’t have a whole lot of cap space to work with. They could afford a short-term relationship of sorts, especially if the other team eats some salary as part of a potential deal, but signing a new hire and getting someone locked in on a more permanent basis is another matter.

“If we felt that we have the chance to run at it, you can do it,” he said. “Again, you give up a first last year [for forward Patrick Eaves]. You give up another. You can’t just do that every year. Eventually the cupboard goes bare and that happened to us years ago. We ran the cupboard bare and I don’t intend to run the cupboard bare.”

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