Stars: Dallas Signs Veteran Pavelski for Three Years

The Joe Pavelski era has come to an end with the San Jose Sharks. The forward and former captain of the Sharks signed a three-year contract with the Dallas Stars.

The 34-year-old will earn $7 million a year through 2021-2022. The first two years carry a complete no-trade clause, while the final year features a modified no-trade clause.

“Joe led by example, not only as a player but as a person, and the impact he has had on this franchise and his teammates will be felt for years to come,” Sharks general manager Doug Wilson said.

Pavelski spent all 13 seasons of his NHL career with San Jose, serving as captain for the last four seasons.

In effect, this came down to the salary cap and money. The two sides were unable to find a compromise on dollar amount and Pavelski tried his luck in free agency.

“Under a cap system, these extremely difficult separations are a reality and, unfortunately, we could not find common ground on dollars and term to keep Joe in San Jose,” said Wilson. “However, like many other players around the NHL, Joe has earned the right to become a free agent.”

“It was always the thought of, if we’re leaving San Jose, we weren’t just going to go to the highest bidder,” said Pavelski. “There were definitely some boxes we wanted checked off. We wanted to feel that the team was close to winning. And playing against the Stars, playing against some of their players, and the season they had, they were a team that checked a lot off a lot of the boxes.”

Pavelski had 38 goals last season, almost reaching his career-best totals from 2013-2014 in which he netted 41 goals. He’s hit 38 goals twice in his NHL career and has 355 career goals in 963 games.

In the post-season, Pavelski has 100 points in 134 games – including 48 goals and 52 assists. In 13 playoff games last time out, he had nine points.

(Lead photo credit: NBC Sports/Bay Area)

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