Red Wings: Detroit Hopeful as Yzerman Named New General Manager

Steve Yzerman has been named the new general manager and executive vice president of the Detroit Red Wings, the team announced Friday. For many in Detroit, the announcement amounted to a great Friday and Yzerman’s return to the Motor City is an “about time” moment. Indeed, Stevie Y’s return to the Red Wings was almostContinue reading “Red Wings: Detroit Hopeful as Yzerman Named New General Manager”

Red Wings: Too Little, Too Late as Detroit Picks Up Some Wins

The Detroit Red Wings may not have a lot to show for themselves at this point, with the playoffs out of the picture and just 66 points. But a funny thing is happening as the season pulls into the station: the Red Wings are winning. They’re 5-5 in their last 10 games and have wonContinue reading “Red Wings: Too Little, Too Late as Detroit Picks Up Some Wins”

Sharks: San Jose Acquires Nyquist in Swap with Red Wings

The San Jose Sharks solidified their push for playoff glory by acquiring forward Gustav Nyquist from the Detroit Red Wings late Sunday. The trade saw San Jose send Detroit two draft picks. One was a conditional pick for the third round of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft and the other was a second-rounder for 2019’sContinue reading “Sharks: San Jose Acquires Nyquist in Swap with Red Wings”

Red Wings: Is the Ken Holland Era Over?

Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland is approaching this trade deadline like it’s his last. It may well be. Apart from any portentous overtones, Holland knows that he may be out in the Motor City as the team transitions. He’s got a year to go on his contract, but there’s a fog of ambiguityContinue reading “Red Wings: Is the Ken Holland Era Over?”

Red Wings: Trade Deadline Sellers Once More

The Detroit Red Wings approach the impending trade deadline with a sense of routine. It’s the norm to be sellers when this time of year creeps around, as the days of contendership in the Motor City are long gone. There is always the possibility that things return to the glory days, but those dreams areContinue reading “Red Wings: Trade Deadline Sellers Once More”