Conference Finals Predictions

The time is upon us, oh faithful readers. My predictions for the illustrious conference finals are as follows: Eastern Conference Finals – #1 Buffalo vs. #4 Ottawa My Pick: I actually think Ottawa’s going to take this one, but I think the series is about as close as possible. It’ll probably go seven games andContinue reading “Conference Finals Predictions”

Western Conference Predictions for Round Two

Series C #1 Detroit vs. #5 San Jose My Pick: Going with the Red Wings here. It’ll be a tough, physical series, but in the end I think the Wings have what it takes to shut down the Sharks. The Sharks have a slight size edge, but the Wings are a touch more organized andContinue reading “Western Conference Predictions for Round Two”

Todd Bertuzzi May Return for Game 2

The Red Wings are crossing their fingers that power forward Todd Bertuzzi will return to the line-up for game 2 of their series against the Calgary Flames. Bertuzzi missed game 1 on Thursday and the last game of the Wings’ regular season with a concussion and a neck injury. He did skate in practice withContinue reading “Todd Bertuzzi May Return for Game 2”

Western Conference Prediction for Round One

And now on to the West! Series E – #1 Detroit Red Wings vs. #8 Calgary Flames My Pick: I am confidently going with the Flames to upset the Red Wings here. I feel Calgary will be more hungry and more cohesive. The Wings have a lot of question marks at the moment, including aContinue reading “Western Conference Prediction for Round One”