NHL and NHLPA Reach Tentative Deal on New CBA

It’s a great day for hockey fans and perhaps a greater day for sanctimonious fans who insist they’ll never return. The former has a chance to finally dig in to some NHL hockey and the latter can feel high and mighty for not watching the NHL brand (and secretly watching the NHL brand to not-so-discreetlyContinue reading “NHL and NHLPA Reach Tentative Deal on New CBA”

NHL Presents New Proposal; Review Set for Saturday

The National Hockey League has made another “comprehensive” collective bargaining agreement proposal to the NHLPA, delivering the goods on Thursday afternoon. The NHLPA is said to have discussed the offer internally over a conference call on Friday. The players’ union and the league will discuss the offer over the phone on Saturday. “In light ofContinue reading “NHL Presents New Proposal; Review Set for Saturday”

NHL Announces Cancellation of More Games

The National Hockey League had edged even closer to cancelling the entire season, slicing games through January 14, 2013. The good news here is that the world is supposed to end anyway; the bad news is that the World Juniors don’t start until December 26. The league has insisted that it has no “drop-dead” date,Continue reading “NHL Announces Cancellation of More Games”

International Scouting Services Releases December Draft Rankings

It won’t surprise anyone who is familiar with how the draft rankings have been breaking down, but International Scouting Services released their December rankings with zero change in the top five. The 51st NHL Entry Draft will start in June of 2013 and will take place in Newark, New Jersey. Nathan MacKinnon of Halifax leadsContinue reading “International Scouting Services Releases December Draft Rankings”

NHL Files Class Action Suit Against NHLPA

With yesterday’s events in Connecticut, it seems really trivial to talk about the NHL lockout – yet here we are. The NHL has filed a class action complaint on Friday in order to make the lockout legal in the eyes of the federal courts. This comes with the NHLPA’s threat to dissolve the union. IfContinue reading “NHL Files Class Action Suit Against NHLPA”