Kovalev Wants Heatley To Remain With Sens

If Alex Kovalev has his way, Dany Heatley will stay with the Ottawa Senators and help lead the team to glory. “Definitely, with the player that he is, it would be nice to have him back,” Kovalev told reporters. “I know Dany a little bit from playing with him for Kazan in the lockout year.Continue reading “Kovalev Wants Heatley To Remain With Sens”

Senators Sign Kovalev

The Ottawa Senators have signed Russian superstar winger Alex Kovalev to a two-year deal worth $10 million. The idea is for Kovalev to bring his scoring touch to the Sens, of course. While there have been some concerns over his inconsistent effort, the Senators seem to be okay with that. “I think you always wantContinue reading “Senators Sign Kovalev”