NHL: Bettman Announces Program to Address Diversity and Inclusion

The NHL will implement changes to address a number of personnel conduct issues, Commissioner Gary Bettman said Monday. Bettman made the announcement after the first day of the Board of Governors meeting at Pebble Beach. According to Bettman, NHL personnel will undergo mandatory counselling regarding anti-bullying and racism. There will also be a hotline forContinue reading “NHL: Bettman Announces Program to Address Diversity and Inclusion”

Flames: Bill Peters Resigns

Bill Peters has stepped down as head coach of the Calgary Flames. General manager Brad Treliving made the announcement Friday at a press conference. Geoff Ward will take over as interim head coach. He’d been serving as head coach as the Flames investigated allegations against Peters. Ward was behind the bench when Calgary took onContinue reading “Flames: Bill Peters Resigns”

Flames: Bill Peters and the Coming, Overdue Reckoning

There’s a lot more to unpack in the saga of Calgary Flames head coach Bill Peters, accused of uttering racist remarks by former player Akim Aliu. On Wednesday night, Peters made his first public statement regarding the matter. He issued a letter to Calgary general manager Brad Treliving and sent a copy of it toContinue reading “Flames: Bill Peters and the Coming, Overdue Reckoning”

Flames: Will Bill Peters Coach Calgary Again? (Spoiler: No)

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to avoid reporting on controversial stories in today’s NHL. And to say this year has already been a controversial one would be an understatement. Now, we find Calgary Flames head coach Bill Peters in seriously hot water. For those living under a rock somewhere, Peters was accused of making racistContinue reading “Flames: Will Bill Peters Coach Calgary Again? (Spoiler: No)”

Flames: Calgary Loses Sixth Straight Game

It seemed like only yesterday that we were talking about the Calgary Flames losing four straight. Fast-forward to today and we’re looking back on what was a sixth straight loss. This one came at the hands of the St. Louis Blues Thursday and the Flames were, to put it kindly, absolutely shelled. Calgary was blownContinue reading “Flames: Calgary Loses Sixth Straight Game”