Blackhawks: Rebuild Adds Context to 2020-2021 Expectations

The Chicago Blackhawks will enter the 2020-2021 season in full rebuild mode, which at this point can mean any number of things. For fans, it likely means that making the playoffs will be a significant overachievement. Patience is in order, notably after the organization put out a letter in October about a focus on youngerContinue reading “Blackhawks: Rebuild Adds Context to 2020-2021 Expectations”

Blackhawks: Crawford In, Seabrook Out as Chicago Submits Player Roster for Qualifiers

When the Chicago Blackhawks submitted their 31-player register of players to make up the roster for their trip to the 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers, goalie Corey Crawford was on the list. That’s good news after all the speculation that followed when he was deemed “unfit to participate” at the start of training camp on JulyContinue reading “Blackhawks: Crawford In, Seabrook Out as Chicago Submits Player Roster for Qualifiers”

Blackhawks: A Year After Quenneville, Chicago’s Scraping the Bottom

It’s been a year since the Chicago Blackhawks fired Joel Quenneville and hired Jeremy Colliton to take over as head coach. The change was greeted as a changing of the entire methodology of the Blackhawks, with the 33-year-old the harbinger of renewal and refurbishment. So, how’s that working out? The Blackhawks, not to put tooContinue reading “Blackhawks: A Year After Quenneville, Chicago’s Scraping the Bottom”

2019-2020 Season Preview: Chicago Blackhawks

After missing the playoffs for a second consecutive season, the Chicago Blackhawks have gone back to the well – so to speak. They have spent the off-season shoring up some considerable positional depth, adding goaltending, defence and some more stroke at the forward position. “The bigger difference now is we have a full roster ofContinue reading “2019-2020 Season Preview: Chicago Blackhawks”

What Went Wrong: Chicago Blackhawks

Things are not going well for the Chicago Blackhawks. The team missed the playoffs in 2018-2019, marking the first time since the mid-2000s that they’ve missed the playoffs in consecutive seasons. The Blackhawks went 36-34-12, good for sixth in the Central Division and 10th in the Western Conference. So, what went wrong? Scoring was notContinue reading “What Went Wrong: Chicago Blackhawks”