Leafs Naming Phaneuf Captain?

Sources say that the Toronto Maple Leafs will be naming defenceman Dion Phaneuf as their captain. He’ll be the club’s 17th captain and will be unveiled as the team’s leader sometime next week. Word around the campfire is that the team will be holding a press conference on Monday where they’ll not only make thatContinue reading “Leafs Naming Phaneuf Captain?”

Brian Burke’s Son Dies in Car Accident

Every so often I find myself at a loss for words. And every so often I still have a desire to communicate. There are things in life bigger than hockey, as we all know, and as much fun as it is to come here and discuss things hockey-related and pick on each other and haveContinue reading “Brian Burke’s Son Dies in Car Accident”

Kovalchuk Deal Expected Soon

It could be a matter of days or even hours, but a trade involving Atlanta’s Ilya Kovalchuk is expected soon. Very soon. There are still a number of possibilities for a final destination for Kovalchuk and the speculation is running rampant. The only sure bit of news is that Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell toldContinue reading “Kovalchuk Deal Expected Soon”