Team Canada Names Olympic Roster

Right on schedule, Team Canada has named its roster for the upcoming 2014 Olympics in Sochi. As with all roster selections of this sort, there are some omissions that will turn heads. The 25-player roster will look to defend gold in Russia. If they do, they’ll be the first country to repeat as champions sinceContinue reading “Team Canada Names Olympic Roster”

Canada Eliminated from World Hockey Championships

With Corey Perry as the lone Olympian on the Canadian squad, the team fell to the Russians in the World Hockey Championships on Thursday. The Russians took the victory in the quarterfinal matchup by a final score of 5-2. The game drew immediate comparisons to the last time the Canadians and Russians met. The OlympicContinue reading “Canada Eliminated from World Hockey Championships”

Canada Takes Out Germany

In a performance that seemed to fill in all the gaps left by previous games in the tournament, Team Canada took out the Germans on Tuesday night to advance in the 2010 Olympics. Canada kept the zones clogged, for the most part, and really worked on crashing the German net throughout the game. Goals cameContinue reading “Canada Takes Out Germany”

Olympic Ladies Hockey – Needs to Change

The 2010 Ladies Olympic Hockey competition does not carry the flash and sparkle as the mens Olympic Hockey competition does. It is mainly due to the lack of strong teams in the world for ladies hockey. Watching so far the Canadian women rack up 18-0 and 10-1 scores has been downright boring. I am CanadianContinue reading “Olympic Ladies Hockey – Needs to Change”

Olympic Cash Discussion Puts Cart Before Horse

There’s an issue floating around a lot as of late regarding NHL players and Olympic money. The rule currently is that all Olympic athletes who participate in the games and win medals are compensated. The compensation essentially breaks down with gold medal winners taking home $20,000, silver medalists taking $15,000 and bronze medal winners gettingContinue reading “Olympic Cash Discussion Puts Cart Before Horse”