2019-2020 Season Preview: Arizona Coyotes

The Arizona Coyotes are hoping 2019-2020 could be their year to end a significant playoff drought, but they’re also hoping a key roster acquisition will breathe some new life into their offence. That acquisition is, of course, Phil Kessel. We’ve detailed the expectations placed on the 32-year-old already, but you really can’t talk about theContinue reading “2019-2020 Season Preview: Arizona Coyotes”

Coyotes: Yes, Arizona is Thinking Playoffs

At this point and time, the Arizona Coyotes are in playoff contention. Let that sink in. This is a club that has dealt with perennially low expectations since the outset, almost every single season. And, not for nothing, they’ve earned those lowered expectations with a lacklustre roster and some troubling play. But this season, ArizonaContinue reading “Coyotes: Yes, Arizona is Thinking Playoffs”

Coyotes: Arizona Needs Goals, Some Luck

It may not be overly surprising that Arizona Coyotes are not an offensive powerhouse. Part of this is just makeup; the team isn’t comprised of a pile of goal-scorers. But part of this is the accident of injury, with Alex Galchenyuk, Jakob Chychrun and Christian Dvorak out of action. Three days ago, general manager JohnContinue reading “Coyotes: Arizona Needs Goals, Some Luck”