NHL: Return to Play Plan Officially Announced

Hockey fans, we’ve got a plan. In one fell swoop, the National Hockey League ended weeks of speculation and unveiled what looks to be a concrete return to play plan. It involves a lot of moving parts, so we’ll break things down piece by piece. First, the regular season as we know it is over.Continue reading “NHL: Return to Play Plan Officially Announced”

NHL: League Considering Hub Cities as Return to Play Inches Closer

More information has come to light about the NHL’s return to play plans, as league commissioner Gary Bettman referenced a handful of “hub cities” that could accommodate games. Bettman was giving a keynote address for Leaders Week on Monday when he alluded to the fact that the NHL was considering eight or nine hub citiesContinue reading “NHL: League Considering Hub Cities as Return to Play Inches Closer”

NHL: Testing an Issue When NHL Resumes Play

Since hockey was paused on March 12, thoughts have swirled about the possibilities of returning to play and how the sport can resume activities safely. There have been ideas, a few signings, minor swaps, and at least one rancid Instagram chat. Now, thoughts have turned to testing as parts of North America are opening upContinue reading “NHL: Testing an Issue When NHL Resumes Play”

NHL: League, Players and NHLPA Form Committee to Plot Return Course

There is movement on the “return to play” front as the NHL and NHLPA have organized a committee to address the matter. Reports emerged from the New York Post’s Larry Brooks that a group of players and league staff are part of the committee. John Tavares, Connor McDavid, Mark Scheifele, and others are among theContinue reading “NHL: League, Players and NHLPA Form Committee to Plot Return Course”

NHL: The League Has More Return-to-Play Ideas

It’s almost the end of April and that can mean only one thing: it’s time to discuss the possibility of hockey in the summer. What we have over the last two or three days is some movement on the NHL front, with news about a virtual draft in June and a potential push to finishContinue reading “NHL: The League Has More Return-to-Play Ideas”