Deconstructing the Briere Trade Rumours

The trade rumours circling Daniel Briere have been gathering steam again as of late, especially considering his recent benching on the Montreal Canadiens. Head coach Michel Therrien did not explain the reasons for benching the forward, but one has to imagine that Briere isn’t all that happy being in the doghouse. The 36-year-old clearly wantsContinue reading “Deconstructing the Briere Trade Rumours”

Flyers Buy Out Briere’s Contract

The Philadelphia Flyers have announced their intentions to buy out the last two years of Daniel Briere’s contract, ridding the team of $6.5 million a year in salary. This move will help the bulging Flyers get under the lowered cap for next season, which is moving from the current $70.2 million to $64.3 million. TeamsContinue reading “Flyers Buy Out Briere’s Contract”