Sens Prep Legal Battle With Heatley

The Ottawa Senators are planning to build a case against Dany Heatley to recover more than the $4 million payment they made to the player on July 1. Eugene Melnyk and the Senators believe that they are owed more than the $4 million because the Heatley situation cost them damages over the summer. According toContinue reading “Sens Prep Legal Battle With Heatley”

Heatley Traded to Sharks

The Dany Heatley saga has finally come to an end, closing off one of this summer’s two neverending stories. Heatley and a fifth round draft pick from the Ottawa Senators have been traded to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo and a second round pick. The deal came after aContinue reading “Heatley Traded to Sharks”

Heatley Speaks on Trade Demand

Dany Heatley finally addressed the media Friday from Kelowna in British Columbia, making it the first time the veteran has made any statements since he requested a trade from the Ottawa Senators in June. Heatley began by stating the obvious: his intentions have not changed since the start of the summer and he still wantsContinue reading “Heatley Speaks on Trade Demand”

Tambellini Movin’ On

It looks like Steve Tambellini and the Edmonton Oilers are moving on from the Dany Heatley saga. Friday featured the Edmonton GM publicly announcing that he was no longer interested in procuring the services of the disgruntled, dickish Heatley. “We gave ourselves an allotted amount of time internally … to explore every opportunity to seeContinue reading “Tambellini Movin’ On”

Are the Oilers Too Hot for Heatley?

The Edmonton Oilers are continuing to court disgruntled forward Dany Heatley despite his earlier refusal of their advances. It’s beginning to look like the Oilers’ organization is resembling a desperate teenager, complete with sweaty palms, pursuing a potential date. The most recent attempt to get Heatley to notice them came when the Oilers packaged upContinue reading “Are the Oilers Too Hot for Heatley?”