Canucks: What is Jim Benning Doing?

What are the Vancouver Canucks doing? It’s a simple question. If you’ve been anywhere near the local Vancouver headlines over the past few days, you also know it’s a very pressing one. Talk to anyone in or near the fanbase, including the masked cashier behind a pane of glass at your local grocery store, andContinue reading “Canucks: What is Jim Benning Doing?”

Canucks: Vancouver Down 3-1 After Sunday Loss

The Vancouver Canucks are up against it. Their second-round clash with the Vegas Golden Knights has not been going well, with their opponents taking Game Four Sunday and jumping up to a 3-1 series lead. The Golden Knights closed out the weekend with a pivotal 5-3 victory that came on the back of three goalsContinue reading “Canucks: Vancouver Down 3-1 After Sunday Loss”

2020 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview: Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights are the odds favourites to win the Stanley Cup. First, of course, they have to get past the Vancouver Canucks on their way to a conference showdown. That won’t be easy. The Canucks enter this second round series of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs with an impressive victory over the defendingContinue reading “2020 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview: Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights”