NHL: Outlining the Details of Phase 3 Return to Sport Protocol

With that August 1 return to play date looming and a new CBA set to be ratified that ensures several years of labour peace, it’s a good time to be a hockey fan. Training camps are opening on July 13 and NHL teams will get down to the business of playing again. That means weContinue reading “NHL: Outlining the Details of Phase 3 Return to Sport Protocol”

NHL: Placeholder Team Snags Top Draft Pick

Well, it happened. We noted yesterday that the draft lottery was going to be unique and it did not disappoint Friday, with the top pick going to one of the eight placeholder teams. That means one of the eight teams that lose in the NHL’s play-in round for the playoffs will have the honour ofContinue reading “NHL: Placeholder Team Snags Top Draft Pick”

NHL: League Considering Hub Cities as Return to Play Inches Closer

More information has come to light about the NHL’s return to play plans, as league commissioner Gary Bettman referenced a handful of “hub cities” that could accommodate games. Bettman was giving a keynote address for Leaders Week on Monday when he alluded to the fact that the NHL was considering eight or nine hub citiesContinue reading “NHL: League Considering Hub Cities as Return to Play Inches Closer”

NHL: The League Has More Return-to-Play Ideas

It’s almost the end of April and that can mean only one thing: it’s time to discuss the possibility of hockey in the summer. What we have over the last two or three days is some movement on the NHL front, with news about a virtual draft in June and a potential push to finishContinue reading “NHL: The League Has More Return-to-Play Ideas”

Nhl: Players and Staff Advised to Extend Self-Quarantine

The NHL has updated its guidance for players and has instructed them to self-quarantine for another 10 days. This comes after a call with league general managers Tuesday. Prior to Tuesday’s announcement, the guidance was for players to quarantine until about Friday as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They will now remain in isolationContinue reading “Nhl: Players and Staff Advised to Extend Self-Quarantine”