Argos Owners Interested in Coyotes?

According to the Globe and Mail, the current co-owners of the Toronto Argonauts are interested in making a pitch for the beleaguered Phoenix Coyotes franchise. Howard Sokolowski and David Cynamon are planning to meet with Glendale city officials next week with a plan to put together a bid that can be tabled for the Coyotes.Continue reading “Argos Owners Interested in Coyotes?”

The Phoenix Saga Rolls On

It looks like things in Phoenix may finally be edging towards a conclusion. Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes agreed to sell his franchise to the National Hockey League, making the announcement Monday in Phoenix bankruptcy court. The deal still has to be approved by presiding Judge Redfield T. Baum. It also has to be approved byContinue reading “The Phoenix Saga Rolls On”

Reinsdorf’s Bid is Out, NHL and Ice Edge Bids are In

In the seemingly endless saga of the Phoenix Coyotes, a new development has some analysts scratching their heads. The group headed by Jerry Reinsdorf has pulled out of the proceedings to purchase the beleaguered franchise, while a separate bid from a partnership of Canadian and American investors together with the NHL put their own bidsContinue reading “Reinsdorf’s Bid is Out, NHL and Ice Edge Bids are In”

Balsillie Submits Amended Proposal

Jim Balsillie is nothing if not persistent when it comes to his desire to take the Phoenix Coyotes franchise and move them to Hamilton. Today Balsillie submitted an amended proposal to buy the Coyotes at a price tag of $212.5 million with a move to Hamilton in the cards whether the league likes it orContinue reading “Balsillie Submits Amended Proposal”

Jerry Moyes Challenges Reinsdorf Bid

In the latest news from the saga that just won’t quit, Phoenix Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes is challenging the bid on his team from Jerry Reinsdorf. As most of you know, the Reinsdorf bid has NHL approval. Moyes filed a motion in Arizona bankruptcy court on Thursday that stated that there the bid “cannot beContinue reading “Jerry Moyes Challenges Reinsdorf Bid”