“Both” Phoenix Bids Rejected

Jim Balsillie’s long, exhausting process to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes franchise with designs on moving it to Hamilton has come to an end. U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Redfield T. Baum rejected both offers to buy the financially ailing franchise: one from the Canadian billionaire and the other from the NHL. Of course, the NHL wasContinue reading ““Both” Phoenix Bids Rejected”

It’s On: Another Day in Court

The second day in Arizona court flew into action with Gary Bettman taking the stand and a whole lot of chatter about relocation. After Judge Baum announced yesterday that the auction might not result in any bids taking the Coyotes, liquidation was put on the table as a possible solution. The day began with JimContinue reading “It’s On: Another Day in Court”

It’s On: Coyotes Battle Reaches Boiling Point

The time is finally upon us to (hopefully) find out how this Phoenix Coyotes saga will come to an end. I’ve been covering every single minute detail of the saga here and tomorrow (Friday) marks the day of reckoning for Bettman, Balsillie, fans in Hamilton and the rest of us. Judge Redfield T. Baum startedContinue reading “It’s On: Coyotes Battle Reaches Boiling Point”

And Then There Were Two…

It was almost as if this was destined to happen. The two greatest adversaries in the Phoenix Coyotes saga are now face-to-face as the only remaining components to ownership of the struggling franchise. Ice Edge Holdings, a group comprised of Canadian and American businessmen, have dropped out of the running for ownership of the Coyotes.Continue reading “And Then There Were Two…”

Reinsdorf’s Bid is Out, NHL and Ice Edge Bids are In

In the seemingly endless saga of the Phoenix Coyotes, a new development has some analysts scratching their heads. The group headed by Jerry Reinsdorf has pulled out of the proceedings to purchase the beleaguered franchise, while a separate bid from a partnership of Canadian and American investors together with the NHL put their own bidsContinue reading “Reinsdorf’s Bid is Out, NHL and Ice Edge Bids are In”