Lupul Fails Second Physical, Placed on LTIR

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul has failed an independent medical evaluation and has been ruled unfit to play, which allows the team to play him on the long-term injured reserve list. The 34-year-old went through a second medical evaluation after he failed a team physical prior to training camp, a situation that was notContinue reading “Lupul Fails Second Physical, Placed on LTIR”

Lupul (Briefly) Levels Cheating Allegations at Maple Leafs

Social media is an interesting animal. It can serve as the conduit for all manner of cat-related revelations and it can provide special insight to a world of nit-pickers and whiners. It can also apparently be used by hockey players to launch allegations at their hockey clubs. That’s been the case with Joffrey Lupul, whoContinue reading “Lupul (Briefly) Levels Cheating Allegations at Maple Leafs”