NHL: With His Rep in Tatters, Will Babcock Coach Again?

With the National Hockey League on the verge of producing a “code of conduct” to pertain to matters between coaches and players, the focus has shifted to individual cases. That’s put the future of one Mike Babcock in question. The former coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs has been in the news an awful lotContinue reading “NHL: With His Rep in Tatters, Will Babcock Coach Again?”

Wings Stayin’ Alive…For Now

Johan Franzen led the way with a natural hat trick and a total of six points (including another goal) as his Red Wings trounced the San Jose Sharks by a final score of 7-1 on Thursday night. As brilliant as Franzen’s hat trick was – he scored the three goals in 3:26 minutes in theContinue reading “Wings Stayin’ Alive…For Now”