Golden Knights: Vegas Snags Top Seed in West with Win Over Avalanche

By defeating the Colorado Avalanche Saturday in their Stanley Cup Qualifying round robin contest, the Vegas Golden Knights secured their spot as number one seed in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The top four seeds in each conference were or will be decided by the round robin tournament and the Golden Knights went 3-0-0, ending itContinue reading “Golden Knights: Vegas Snags Top Seed in West with Win Over Avalanche”

What Went Wrong: Colorado Avalanche

It’s hard to argue the Colorado Avalanche were overly formidable in the regular season, landing with a 38-30-14 record good for fifth in the Central Division and squeaking into the last playoff spot three points behind the Dallas Stars. But in the post-season, the Avalanche came alive and pulled off some surprises. First they dispatchedContinue reading “What Went Wrong: Colorado Avalanche”