Bruins: Bye Week Hits Boston at Best Possible Time

The Boston Bruins are coming off a 3-2 loss to the New York Rangers Saturday, but they also lost goalie Tuukka Rask in the effort. The netminder is out with a concussion and the silver lining is that the timing isn’t all bad. The Bruins are off on their bye week for the All-Star weekend,Continue reading “Bruins: Bye Week Hits Boston at Best Possible Time”

Senators: Ottawa’s Ready to Sign, Ready to Deal

With the trade deadline weeks away, teams are emerging as buyers and sellers. Among the sellers are the Ottawa Senators, who’ve obviously bottomed out this season and have little to do but gear up for the future. The fire sale in Ottawa has been apparent for some time, but there are three interesting pieces here:Continue reading “Senators: Ottawa’s Ready to Sign, Ready to Deal”

Senators: Ottawa’s Basically Done With This Season

The Ottawa Senators dropped a 5-4 decision to the Carolina Hurricanes Sunday, amounting to the eighth straight loss for the beleaguered team. It’s hard to find much that’s good about this edition of the Senators, who are 15-23-5 and have had more drama on and off the ice than most teams manage in a fewContinue reading “Senators: Ottawa’s Basically Done With This Season”

Senators: Duchene Drama Complicates Things as Ottawa Looks to Stabilize

Because drama seems to be the order of the day when we’re talking about the Ottawa Senators, it’s time to take a look at the Matt Duchene situation. If we’re being honest, we’ll admit that Duchene’s arrival in the nation’s capital didn’t exactly bring about smooth sailing for the Senators. It was a big dealContinue reading “Senators: Duchene Drama Complicates Things as Ottawa Looks to Stabilize”

Senators: Rookies, Goaltending Getting It Done Early

To the surprise of many but not all, the Ottawa Senators are playing some pretty good hockey right now. They’ve posted a 3-2-1 start to the season and will continue a five-game homestand Saturday, so they’ve got a few days to collect themselves after polishing off the Dallas Stars Monday night. That 4-1 victory putContinue reading “Senators: Rookies, Goaltending Getting It Done Early”