NHL: NHLPA Authorizes “Further Negotiations” on Return to Play Plans

Right now, we’re at the point in this “return to play” process where votes to hold other votes about whether or not to hold more votes make the news. Case in point: the NHLPA has approved “further negotiations” with the NHL over how a 24-team return to play scenario would continue. So, yeah. “The ExecutiveContinue reading “NHL: NHLPA Authorizes “Further Negotiations” on Return to Play Plans”

Sharks and Habs in Trouble

As the NHL’s post-season rolls closer and closer to its finale, it looks like the San Jose Sharks and Montreal Canadiens could find themselves on the outside looking in. Both teams are one game away from elimination after action on Saturday and both teams have barely shown up to play thus far. That’s not toContinue reading “Sharks and Habs in Trouble”