Bobby Holik Expected to Retire

According to the New York Post, Bobby Holik is expected to retire after 18 seasons in the National Hockey League. “I’m done. I’m retiring,” Holik told the Post from his home in Wyoming. “I miss being with my family every day. I knew when the season ended, but I wanted to leave and get homeContinue reading “Bobby Holik Expected to Retire”

Monster Performer: Will Pierre McGuire Be the Next GM of the Wild?

There’s no question that Pierre McGuire has become one of the most prominent voices in hockey thanks to his excitable delivery and blunt analysis of the game. Having played professionally in Europe and with coaching experience at the college level, McGuire may well be a great candidate for the GM position of the Minnesota Wild.Continue reading “Monster Performer: Will Pierre McGuire Be the Next GM of the Wild?”

Oh God Pt. 2 – Sarah Palin to Drop Puck…Again

Welp, I rightly bitched about it when she did it for the Philadelphia Flyers and I’m gonna rightly bitch about it again. Sarah Palin is getting set to drop the puck at another NHL hockey game, this time in St. Louis when the Blues take on the Los Angeles Kings. The announcement was made todayContinue reading “Oh God Pt. 2 – Sarah Palin to Drop Puck…Again”