Blackhawks Take a Wide Open Game One

Saturday’s game was as fast a game as I’ve seen in these playoffs so far and it didn’t slow up until the final horn sounded. When the dust settled, the Chicago Blackhawks had edged out the Philadelphia Flyers by a final score of 6-5 and the goaltending battle that most had anticipated just wasn’t there.Continue reading “Blackhawks Take a Wide Open Game One”

Playoff Matchups – Stanley Cup Finals

The long, grueling year is coming to an end with a Stanley Cup Final matchup that should please fans of old-time hockey. When the Chicago Blackhawks face off against the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday night, we should be in for a physical, intense series that could push both teams to the breaking point. Both teamsContinue reading “Playoff Matchups – Stanley Cup Finals”

Flyers Drop Canadiens

The Philadelphia Flyers will face off against the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Flyers bumped off the feisty Montreal Canadiens in five games, finishing them off in style with a 4-2 victory on Monday night. The Habs were climbing uphill throughout the whole playoffs, bumping off the Washington Capitals and the PittsburghContinue reading “Flyers Drop Canadiens”

Sharks and Habs in Trouble

As the NHL’s post-season rolls closer and closer to its finale, it looks like the San Jose Sharks and Montreal Canadiens could find themselves on the outside looking in. Both teams are one game away from elimination after action on Saturday and both teams have barely shown up to play thus far. That’s not toContinue reading “Sharks and Habs in Trouble”

Habs Shut Out – Again

The Montreal Canadiens looked slightly better in their Tuesday night effort against the Philadelphia Flyers, but they were still unable to crack Michael Leighton and wound up being shut out again 3-0 to go down two games in the series. As of now, the Eastern Conference Final looks like a shockingly one-sided series. Leighton madeContinue reading “Habs Shut Out – Again”