Thornton Returns to Action, Plays His Game

That a player “plays his game” is perhaps one of the most common of all hockey cliches, right around the emergent “it’s a man’s game,” and yet Shawn Thornton vowed to do just that when he returned to the Boston Bruins line-up as his team faced the San Jose Sharks on Saturday night. The BruinsContinue reading “Thornton Returns to Action, Plays His Game”

Thornton to Appeal Suspension

Boston Bruins forward Shawn Thornton is going to appeal his 15-game suspension. Anton Thun, Thornton’s agent, has confirmed that his client is going to challenge the decision. The NHLPA also informed the league of the decision to appeal within the 48-hour window. So what’s next? The appeal process first goes to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman,Continue reading “Thornton to Appeal Suspension”

Opinion: Shawn Thornton Receives 15 Game Suspension

By now, most readers have heard that Boston Bruins forward Shawn Thornton has been handed a 15-game suspension. He deserved every ounce of the suspension, but it would take a real optimist to imagine that it will mean anything. Once again, the National Hockey League received mainstream media coverage for Thornton’s attack on Brooks OrpikContinue reading “Opinion: Shawn Thornton Receives 15 Game Suspension”