The Babcock Plan Works: Canada Knocks Off Norway

By all accounts it looks as though coach Mike Babcock’s plan for Team Canada is working. He’s developed the chemistry and patience in his players and it paid off during the first game for Canada at the 2010 Olympics. Nobody expected Canada to actually lose to Norway, sure, but the game remained an intelligent openingContinue reading “The Babcock Plan Works: Canada Knocks Off Norway”

Jeff Carter Tapped as Getzlaf’s Replacement

We all know that Ryan Getzlaf’s last-minute injury may be keeping the Anaheim Duck out of the Olympics for Team Canada. He’s currently listed as day-to-day and could conceivably be ready to rock come the start of the event. In the event that Getzlaf isn’t ready to suit up by then, his replacement will beContinue reading “Jeff Carter Tapped as Getzlaf’s Replacement”

Olympic Cash Discussion Puts Cart Before Horse

There’s an issue floating around a lot as of late regarding NHL players and Olympic money. The rule currently is that all Olympic athletes who participate in the games and win medals are compensated. The compensation essentially breaks down with gold medal winners taking home $20,000, silver medalists taking $15,000 and bronze medal winners gettingContinue reading “Olympic Cash Discussion Puts Cart Before Horse”

Looking At Canada’s Olympic Team

A power outage kept me from getting to the Canadian roster, but here’s hoping all of our HockeyDraft.Ca readers have a terrific 2010 and have enjoyed ringing in the New Year. Now of course Team Canada’s Olympic roster is looking good. In fact, it’s looking so good it’s scary. There were no surprises with theContinue reading “Looking At Canada’s Olympic Team”

Canada Slams Latvia

A victory over Latvia was probably a foregone conclusion for Canada’s junior hockey squad, but a 16-0 victory was something most people didn’t expect. Team Canada picked up right where it left off last year, cruising with momentum and bowling over the Latvians in the first game of the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championship. TheContinue reading “Canada Slams Latvia”