Momentum Matters for Canucks

Momentum matters in the post-season and it certainly matters to the Vancouver Canucks. The team heads into General Motors Place evened up in their series against the Blackhawks and will be looking to pull ahead with a win. The typical West Coast overexaggeration was in full steam on Tuesday after the game. The Global MorningContinue reading “Momentum Matters for Canucks”

Second Round Playoff Matchups – Western Conference

The 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs are rolling along and we’ve seen quite a few surprises so far. While we haven’t had the participation we would have liked to have had in the playoff discussion thus far, we’re hoping more of you get involved as things roll towards the Finals. Participating in the conversation is aContinue reading “Second Round Playoff Matchups – Western Conference”

Canucks Fans Dig Out the Tin Foil Hats

As much as I love my Vancouver Canucks, the actions and words of some Canucks fans often leave my scratching my head. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard all about the disallowed Daniel Sedin goal from the third game of the Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings playoff series. Sedin’s goal was ruled toContinue reading “Canucks Fans Dig Out the Tin Foil Hats”

Kesler Gets 6-Year Extension

The Vancouver Canucks have locked up another key piece to the puzzle in signing Ryan Kesler to a 6-year extension. Kesler has been having a banner year offensively and is really coming into his own as a defensive forward worth taking seriously. The 25-year-old was one of the highlights of the American Olympic team, too,Continue reading “Kesler Gets 6-Year Extension”

Canucks Shunning CBC

Saturday saw the Vancouver Canucks turn down all interview requests with the CBC, demonstrating that their feud with HNIC host Ron MacLean may not be all that ready to wind up. The Canucks were, rightly in my opinion, upset over MacLean’s hit piece on the Alex Burrows-Stephane Auger piece that ran on January 16. InContinue reading “Canucks Shunning CBC”