What Went Wrong: Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers took a dive in 2018-2019, generating just 86 points thanks to a 36-32-14 record. That’s 10 points less than the preceding season’s totals, which also saw them miss the playoffs but led to some resemblance of reinstated confidence. So, what went wrong? Remarkably, the 2018-2019 edition of the Panthers scored more goalsContinue reading “What Went Wrong: Florida Panthers”

Panthers: Style Matters as Florida Misses Playoffs

With a 6-1 trouncing at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday, the Florida Panthers found themselves eliminated from playoff contention. It’s not overly surprising. The Panthers are 33-32-12, fifth in the Atlantic Division. They’re seven points ahead of the Buffalo Sabres but a dozen behind the Habs, putting them in a nearly untenableContinue reading “Panthers: Style Matters as Florida Misses Playoffs”

Panthers: Florida Impresses on Four-Game Winning Streak

Little is generally expected of the Florida Panthers. They tend to pale in comparison to their Floridian rivals, at least theoretically, and people don’t often think of them as an intimidating club – even if they do make the playoffs. This year’s manifestation of the Panthers is the sort of team to sneak up onContinue reading “Panthers: Florida Impresses on Four-Game Winning Streak”

Panthers: A Good Start and It’s Back to the Playoffs for Florida

The Florida Panthers closed out 2017-2018 with a 25-8-2 run in their last 35 games, tying the Winnipeg Jets for the most wins in that timeframe but nevertheless missing the playoffs. That’s a day late and a dollar short as far as they’re concerned, but there’s momentum there and that’s a start. Entering the 2018-2019Continue reading “Panthers: A Good Start and It’s Back to the Playoffs for Florida”

2017-2018 Season Preview: Florida Panthers

Youth is the thing in Florida, as the Panthers will take to the ice in an effort to improve their fortunes following last season’s sixth place finish. The club has a new head coach in Bob Boughner, who replaced Tom Rowe in June. The 46-year-old hopes to bring in some continuity and will work inContinue reading “2017-2018 Season Preview: Florida Panthers”