Adrienne Clarkson Wants NHL Support for Women’s Hockey

Former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson wants to meet with IOC head Jacques Rogge to talk to him about the state of women’s hockey. And she’s already met with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to help solidify real competition in the sport. Clarkson, who will be handing out the trophy named after her in the Stanley Cup-ishContinue reading “Adrienne Clarkson Wants NHL Support for Women’s Hockey”

Canada’s Women Take Hockey Gold

In defeating the Americans by a score of 2-0, the Canadian women’s hockey team took to the ice in a celebration that many of them will not soon forget. With Shannan Szabados’ shutout leading the way, the women’s hockey team piled on their goalie and kept the celebration going well into Thursday night. Olympic goldContinue reading “Canada’s Women Take Hockey Gold”